LED Technical Support - LTS


LED Technical Support provides professional assistances in selection of the appropriate LED modules and suitable equipment for most of applications using LED lighting like LED driver, optics, heat sink etc. Our highly skilled team of engineers, designers of electronic will design for our customers almost every LED modules and drivers for LED lighting and illumination. We offer a full scope of designing and implementation of innovations in the field of LED technology and its related fields.

In our long experience we have designed and produced the lighting for manufacturers:

  • The inside, outside and garden illumination
  • The lighting for microscopes
  • Fibre optics
  • Industrial lighting
  • Baths, shower cabins
  • Yachts, lighting for campers and caravans
  • Saunas, pools
  • Illumination of public buildings - halls, stadiums and shopping centers
  • The lamps for backlight billboards and commercials
  • The lamps for medical purposes
  • The lamps for support plants growth
  • Street lighting
  • The lighting for kitchen and bathroom furniture (aluminium profiles for LED ribbons)
  • Special purpose lighting like: runway illumination and road signs illumination

For benefit of our customers, we take into account guidelines and all key parameters like luminance, colour temperatures, CRI, energetic efficiency etc. during design, in order to achieve the best properties of products. Minimizing the cost of production while maintaining high quality and effciency products.


solutions in LED technology


Our company specializes in designing various LED modules and electronics for LED lighting control. We produce LED modules on aluminium ALUPCB, copper COPPERPCB, glass-epoxy and flexible FR4 laminate. We design LED modules constant current, constant voltage, modules for alternating voltage and Fiber Optic devices generating LED light to supply the optical fibres, using the latest technology and the highest quality components. Additionally, LED modules may contain an integrated control on the PCB or MCPCB, especially high power LED modules (Power LED). Most of modules are adapted to work with optic, that focus generated LED light. We designed a special LED drivers for our LED modules. These controllers allow to control fixtures that consisting of RGBW, RGB, Dynamic White, mono modules and standalone systems like KNX, DMX, Dali, the EIB for LED strip and Power LED systems. Also for this purpose, LED controllers use wireless technologies such as radio control, infrared and Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. Newest LED modules may be equipped with smart LED driver that provide control for the LED modules by Bluetooth 4.0 BLE which consumes low amount of energy. We also design innovative touch dimmers for Power LED modules and non-contact dimmer that contain capacitive, motion or proximity sensors. Thanks to that it is possible to create smart lighting. Standard LED controllers for monochrome and RGB/RGBW modules use a current of 10 mA up to 30 A.

You can find a wide range of our own standards constant current and constant voltage LED modules in our offer like mono, Dynamic White, RGB and RGBW also we create individual project customized to the needs of our client. Our design studio performs individual projects on request like modules based on LEDs, controllers, electronics, optics, profiles and casings of plastics produced by injection molding for LED modules, LED controllers and electronics devices. Additionally, we design electronics no-related with LED technology on individual customer’s request. Prototypes elements cabinets, holders etc. are made on modern 3D printer, which significantly speeds up the design process and reduces costs. It is possible to order prototypes ALUPCB, COPPERPCB and FR4 that will be made within 24 hours, so you can very quickly verify the real efficiency of project assumptions.

LED modules and power supplies may require suitable passive or active cooling. We design passive cooling base on PINBLOK type of head sinks and active cooling with Synjet ventilator. To improve the thermal efficiency of heat sinks, we are using Heat Pipe and many other solutions. Using CNC machine for production, we can design and create items of various shapes. This allows to optimization and production of no-standard cooling.

We participate in a number of innovative projects. We are providing appropriate knowledge and assistance from the scope of LED lighting, controlling of LED lighting and programming of microcontrollers like Atmel, STM, PIC, Cypress, NXP and others. Examples of such project may be project of modern medical lamp or LED module consists of LEDs which enhances the growth of plants by mixing UV light with Blue, red and Deep Red (also known as Far Red).


We offer assembly of electronic components THT and SMD. We are using an ultra-fast Pick & Place (SMT) machine with top speed stacking up to 20000 SMD electronic components per hour. We made production of LED modules, drivers and electronics in very high quality and as quick as possible. Qualified staff provides end assembly of THT components for LED modules, LED controllers and others electronic devices in high quality. We are using LEDs from some of the best producers of this type of optoelectronic components like Osram, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Samsung, CREE, Citizen and Nichia.

Important element of production is test and quality control of all our products. Additionally to standard testing methods for LED modules and electronic devices, we are using thermal imaging cameras during the thermal test of LED modules, LED controllers, cooling and other electronic devices. We are using software and gauges of the best producers of this type of equipment for examining optical parameters of LED.

Apart of electronics we design and deliver various shapes of profiles, heat sink etc. made of stainless steel or aluminium and produce plastic structures and parts on injection molding machines. We create project of molds and other structures made of metal or plastic on individual order .
Within the framework of contract manufacturing we provide ready LED modules, LED strips, LED controllers, dimmers, generators of light radiation for fibre optics, passive/active heat sink, optics aluminium profiles and elements for various electronic devices, lamps and profiles.