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General conditions of warranty

General warranties for lighting products of
Cezos Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością 
Spółka komandytowa


1. The definitions used herein

Guarantor – Cezos Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością Spółka Komandytowa

2. General conditions

Cezos Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością Spółka Komandytowa hereinafter Cezos, Olgierda 88b, 
81-534 Gdynia KRS 0000005378, grand warranty on products luminaires with the terms described in this document.
Cezos ensures that when operating mentioned above products in accordance with the principles of their use they will function properly for at least granted protection under warranty, the claims described herein.

Guarantor guarantees the products sold for:
- 5 years on products containing Cezos LED light source - provided confirmed by the Guarantor project registration from the manufacturer by the customer purchasing the brand luminaires Cezos,
- 3 years for products containing Cezos LED light source - provided confirmed by the Guarantor project registration from the manufacturer by the customer purchasing the brand luminaires Cezos,
- 2 years for products Cezos

3. Time limits

Registration of the project must be made no later than 14 days from the date of purchase.

The warranty period begins to run from the date of purchase / delivery of goods by the supplier. The warranty is valid only if the luminaries were used for their intended purpose and installed according to the conditions specified in data sheets, brochures, manuals and

in accordance with art by qualified personnel with the appropriate permissions. Luminaires covered by the guarantee cannot be exposed to any mechanical and chemical overload, as well as ambient temperature and supply voltage cannot exceed the nominal value.

Violation of the above rules, and others mentioned in this document, causes a loss of rights arising from the guarantee.

4. Normal wear and tear

The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear of the used materials, e.g. yellowing of lenses, fogging coatings, which are subject to discolorations over time and also by the action of the weather.
The guarantee also does not cover:
- defects resulting from improper use of products,

- defects resulting from the actions of third parties, in particular installers using products covered by the warranty,

- defects resulting from the events for which Cezos is not responsible, in particular the activities of force majeure,

- defects resulting from the influences of the chemical, thermal, mechanical, lighting, and others whose impact on products is contrary to the instruction manuals, technical knowledge or principles of life experience,

- defects resulting from improper maintenance or storage,

- defects resulting from the made modifications, changes or repairs by unauthorized service.

5. Notification of complaint

Notification shall be made by filing a complaint, a model of which is made available as necessary by the marketing departments of Cezos.

Customer complaints is obliged to fill the complaint application and send it by e-mail to an Internet address reklamacje@cezos.com, cezos@cezos.com or by mail to the address of the Guarantor.

The condition for consideration of the guarantee is to document the fact that the purchase of the defective product by a VAT invoice or bill of fiscal and include a detailed description of known defects.

The duty of the holder of the warranty is to deliver your product to the Guarantor.

6. Way of handling the complaint

In the event of the claim, costs of delivery covers the Guarantor, with condition to contact the holder of the warranty complaint department Guarantor (mail reklamacje@cezos.com and cezos@cezos.com) and obtaining approval for the proposed method of delivery of the product and the cost of delivery. The guarantor does not cover the additional costs associated with the removal of losses.

The guarantor's liability is limited to a maximum value of the product.

In the case of the unfounded application, the obligation to accept the product lies with the warranty claimants. If the product is not received after a Guarantor call, charges the applicant with cost of storing the product and possibly the cost of its sending back.

The warranty does not cover the costs of dismantling, installation of a defective product and any damage associated with the need to disassemble, supply, installation or temporary exclusion from the benefit.

The guarantor shall consider the notification within 14 working days from the date of delivery to him defective goods. If in the process of reviewing complaints will be necessary to obtain additional information related to the defect or use of the goods, the Buyer is obliged to provide all necessary data and information.

The guarantee shall be examined in mentioned above time limits. However, if the submitted complaint required detailed technical studies, their duration automatically extends the time taken to process complaints.

Guarantor shall inform the applicant about consideration of application by letter or e-mail.
In the case of the merits of the application Guarantor:
- Replace the defective product with a new one free of defects or

- Make a free repair of the defective product or

- Correcting invoice for the advertised product

  Choose the way of settling the complaint application shall be guarantor.

If the result of the application, is replace of any defective product warranty does not run again on these elements. Cezos allows replacement of components used for the advertised products.

7. Other conditions

Total time of lighting luminaries cannot exceed 4,300 hours within a year.

The decrease in luminous flux during the life of the product may be up to 0.6% / 1000h . Change colour of the LED module is not covered by warranty.

Parameters of the new LED modules are covered by a tolerance of +/- 15% for luminous flux, colour temperature, and product performance.

The warranty for electronic components (power supplies, controllers, LED modules) applies only to damages exceeding the nominal failure rate for this type of device. It is 0.2% damage to the 1000 hours of work.

Buyer loses the warranty in the case of connecting the product to the installation, that is not having a permanent built-in overload protection in circuit of LED lighting.

The warranty provided by Cezos not transferred to third parties.

In relation to the consumer, this warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer arising from the non-conformity.