News - MagnetSwitch

14 October 2019



MagnetSwitch is a specialized controller designed to control the light inside cabinets, drawers, or wardrobes. Thanks to 3-axes MEMs magnetometer sensor (e-compass), it can detect a very slight change in the magnetic field with extremely high precision. Because of this, the distance from the magnet can be many times longer than traditional sensors (mechanical, reed, optical).  The mounting direction is not essential because the calibration algorithm detects the best axis during the first door opening. The controller has a smooth light increase and decreases function for eyes protection and 15 minutes eco timer. If you forget to close the door, the light will turn off after this time.


  • Sensitive magnetometer IC
  • May be installed in a profile
  • Easy calibration of the sensor
  • Soft dimming
  • Long-range of detection
  • Easy to use


 Article number



 Size LxWxH

35x8x2 mm

66,5x27,5x15,5 mm

 Maximum output current

3 A

16 A

 Maximum  output power

81 W

384 W

 Power consumption

< 0,4 W

 Power supply type

Constant Voltage (CV)

 Power supply voltage

8 - 27 V DC


15 minutes

 Calibration method


 Detection range

up to 600mm (Depends on magnet size)

 Connection type

Solder pads

Screw terminals

 Ambient temperature

0 - 40°C


- Datasheet EN_Manual_MagnetSwitch_3A
- Datasheet EN_Manual_MagnetSwitch_16A_UBOX