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About us

Cezos is a company established in 1981

Cezos is a producer and distributor of elements for producing lamps. From 2004 the Company is specializing in designing and producing the modern lighting systems based on LED technology. From the very beginning the Company is renowned as a reliable partner who can match the high standards in designing and producing the controllers, modules as well as lamps which use LED diodes.


The Company is the owner of the land (5000 m2)
and the buildings where the designing
and production work is done.

The Company is close to the Pomeranian Science & Technology Park with which it has a close and fruitful cooperation as far as the innovative technologies are concerned.

The Company has a special LED
Technical Support ( L T S ) department

Established in order to help our customers comfortably introduce and implement LED technology to their new as well as already existing products. We have a complete SMT assembly line which enables a long-run and prototype production. We also have machines for plastics injection. Thanks to these machines we can produce any required plastic elements. Furthermore we have a CNC center for metal working.

We have been working on designing the lighting fittings and equipment for many years and this enables us to create the new innovative products.

Our highly specialized and qualified staff of designing and programming engineers develop projects which meet the requirements of our customers and are open to share their experience in order that our products meet success and approval on the market. Thanks to the fact that our Company takes part in all the major lightning exhibitions and fairs as well as the branch seminaries we are acquainted with all the latest technologies as far as the LED lightning and electronics are concerned. At the beginning of 2006 we joined the prestigious Future Lighting Solutions Network, also we are member of Led Light for you powered by Osram group since 2013. For our projects and designs we use LED diodes made by Osram, CREE, SSC and others leading producers. You are kindly requested to get acquainted with CEZOS offer and we invite you to cooperate with us.