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Silver version - Standard LED modules with an optimal number of LEDs. Based on very efficient mid-power LEDs with high Im/W even for constant voltage modules.

Gold version - Standard LED modules with double number of LEDs, so modules supply by two times smaller current than a Silver version, generate similar luminous flux. This significantly increases the lifetime of LEDs. Based on very efficient mid-power LEDs with high Im/w even for constant voltage modules

Smart subversion - They are LED modules with mounted SIM slot on board. It provides the possibility to equip LED light sources with additional driver, that is compatible with the SIM slot. These drivers allow controlling modules directly on board. Controllers specially design for this solution are very small and can use almost all wireless standards like Bluetooth, ZigBee or designme bK motion, proxi sensor, etc. Drivers are designed to be compatible With as many as possible types of modules. Without driver in SIM slot LED modules are working like standard modules. This version is available only for modules with current stability radio. Also, they may be

Normal subversion - LED modules without additional SIM slot.